Nicolet VersaLab Antepartum Fetal Monitor

Compact, Suitable for Home Monitoring
APM Single and APM2 for Twins
Includes Free Elite 200 Obstetric Doppler
excluding shipping

The Nicolet VersaLab APM and APM2 Antepartum Fetal Monitor are our best selling Antepartum Monitor. The monitor's compact size makes it easy to move between offices and clinics, and to use for in-home monitoring. The APM Antepartum Monitor is designed for single fetus heart rate monitoring, and the APM2 is designed for single and twin fetal heart rate monitoring. Both units measure heart rates from 50 - 250 and feature low/high heart rate alarms.

Simple to set up and operate, the VersaLab Antepartum Monitor is the smallest, lightest antepartum monitor available with a built-in printer. The integrated printer provides on-the-spot documentation of the non-stress test, including date, start time, end time and time elapsed for the exam.

The VersaLab APM2 display screen automatically switches from a single display when one Doppler probe is in use to a dual display mode when two probes are used for simultaneous monitoring of twins. All of the information is color-coded, making it simple to see and interpret the data. When two Dopplers are in use, the data is shown in different colors in separate display boxes for each fetal heart rate. The Toco data is shown in its own display box. When viewing the printout, the two heart rates are easy to distinguish with one shown in black and the other in gray.


  • Battery or AC operated
  • Separate event markers
  • Configurable alarms
  • Measures heart rates ffrom 50 - 250
  • Wall mount/desk-top
  • Three-hour full-charge life and recharge time 
  • Printer attributes: Thermal, 104 mm print width, 832 dots, 8 dots/mm
  • For insurance reimbursements the CPT Code is 93922
  • Warranty, 1 year parts and labor.