Pain Management for Childbirth DVD Set

Set Includes Volume 1 and Two in English and In Spanish
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Cascade HealthCare Products carries the Pain Management for Childbirth Volume One and Volume Two DVD Set. This two-volume set teaches expectant parents tangible ways they can manage pain, whether they choose non-medicated or medicated relief. As a bonus, each volume includes a complete, inspirational birth story that audiences are sure to enjoy.


  • How-to Guide: Demonstrates different comfort techniques and how pain medications work
  • Personal Perspectiv: Each volume includes a bonus birth story
  • Engage Labor Parners: Offers tips, techniques, and tools
  • “Myth or Fact?”: A doula and an anesthesiologist share information on commonly held beliefs
  • Be Informed: Overview of both medicated and non-medicated pain management options
  • Available in English and Spanish

Volume 1: Comfort Techniques

  • Pain in Labor – causes of pain, exploring the P.A.I.N. acronym
  • Mental Techniques – labor environment, relaxation, vocalization, attention focusing
  • Physical Techniques – breathing, massage, positions and movement, hydrotherapy, pushing
  • Bonus Birth Story – this non-medicated birth features first-time parents who use a variety of comfort
  • techniques to bring their daughter into the world
  • 29 minutes + 11-minutes Birth Story, 2011

Volume 2: Analgesics and Epidurals

  • Analgesics – definition, administration, benefits, risks
  • Epidural Overview and Procedure – definition, administration, 3D animation of procedure
  • Benefits and Risks of Epidurals – pros and cons for mom and baby
  • Labor with an Epidural – monitoring, mobility, labor progress, labor support, pushing, breastfeeding
  • Bonus Birth Story – a single mom having her first child starts with an analgesic, and then decides to get an
  • epidural with the support of her sisters and mother
  • 28 minutes + 12-minutes Birth Story, 2011

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