Pelvic Models, Female & Male

Our Female & Male Pelvic Models arre used for teaching about anatomy, childbirth, men's health, reproduction and women's health. Our selection includes basic adjustable pelvic models, cloth pelvic models, and more complex models with genitals, ligaments, muscles, and nerves.

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Female Pelvis, Adjustable

Effective Teaching Tool
Vinyl Pelvic Model with Screws for Adjusting
$71.00 excluding shipping

Female Pelvis, Adjustable with Femurs

High Quality Model
Great Tool for Educators
From $82.00 excluding shipping

Female Pelvis, Flexible

Designed for Flexibiltity
Demonstrates How Pelvis Moves to Accomodate Delivery
$109.00 excluding shipping

Female Pelvis, Flexible with Femurs

Flexible Anatomy Allows Exagerated Movements
Great for Group Demonstrations
$119.00 excluding shipping

Female Pelvis, Cloth

Cloth Model For Demonstrating Pelvic Shapes
Most Affordable Pelvic Model
$95.00 excluding shipping

Female Pelvis with Genitals

Suitable for Studying Female Genital Organs
Great for Studying or Teaching
$289.00 excluding shipping

Female Pelvis 2 Part Model

Show Female Pelvis in Anatomical Detail
Can Be Wall Mounted
$219.00 excluding shipping

Female Pelvis Model, 3 Part

Cast of a Bony Female Pelvis
With or Without Ligaments
$269.00 excluding shipping

Female Pelvis Model, 4 Part

Female Pelvis Model with Ligaments Muscles and Organs
Great for Gynecological and Anatomy Studies
From $479.00 excluding shipping

Female Pelvis Model, 6 Part

With Ligaments, Vessels, Nerves, Pelvic Floor & Organs
Life Size with Detailed Information
$649.00 excluding shipping

Male Pelvis Skeleton Model

Great for Anatomoy Classes
Male Pelvis with Hip Bone, Sacrum, Coccyx & 2 Lumbar Vertebrae
$75.00 excluding shipping

Male Pelvis With Ligaments 2 Part Model

Shows all Anatomical Structure in Detail
Male Pelvis Model with Ligaments, 2 Part
$329.00 excluding shipping

Male Pelvis With Ligaments, 7 Parts

Accurate Detail
Male Pelvis Complete 7 Part Model
$649.00 excluding shipping