Our selection of ADC and Welch Allyn Penlights include the reliable and colorful ADC Adlite Plus and Metalite II penlights, or for a more professional appearance, we carry the ADC Adlite Pro and the Welch Allyn Pro penlights.

Adlite Plus Penlight by ADC

Adlite Plus Penlight is a Disposable Penlight Available in Colors
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Adlite Pro Penlight - ADC

Adlite Pro Penlight by ADC
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From $19.00

Metalite II Penlight by ADC

Metalite II Reusable Penlight by ADC in Black, Blue or Red
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Metalite Penlight with Pupil Gauge - ADC

Metalite Penlight with Puplil Gauge by ADC
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From $3.95

Professional Haolgen PenLite - Welch Allyn

Professional Penlight with Halogen Lighting by Welch Allyn
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From $53.00