Pinnacle Adult & Infant Stethoscope Set - Cascade

Includes Adult & Infant Stethescope
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Cascade HealthCare Products is excited to offer you the Cascade Pinnacle Stethoscope Set.  This high quality set of adult and infant stethoscopes is economically priced and contains everything you need for your stethoscopes.

Cascade's line of stethoscopes are made with high-quality stainless steel and not aluminum, and come in a variety of colors with matching eartips in small and large. These stethoscopes feature 22" latex-free tubing and a limited lifetime warranty.

Why Use an Infant Stethoscope?

Babies are born with smaller sternums and the infant stethoscope is specially designed in a smaller size so that you can best here a small baby's heart beat. Pediatric stethoscopes are often too large for an infant's chest, which may significantly hinder your abilty to hear the heart beat accurately.

*We have created several color combinations ( see list below) and can create any combination you would like.

We also sell adult and infant stethoscopes separately! 

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