Adult & Infant Stethoscope Set - Cascade

Includes Adult & Infant Stethescope
Variety of Color Combinations
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The  Cascade Pinnacle Stethoscope Sets include an adult and infant stethoscope in a variety of color combinations.

Cascade's line of stethoscopes are made with high-quality stainless steel and not aluminum, and come in a variety of colors with matching eartips in small and large. These stethoscopes feature 22" latex-free tubing and a limited lifetime warranty.

Why Use an Infant Stethoscope?

Babies are born with smaller sternums and the infant stethoscope is specially designed in a smaller size so that you can best here a small baby's heart beat. Pediatric stethoscopes are often too large for an infant's chest, which may significantly hinder your abilty to hear the heart beat accurately.