Sundry Jar - Plastic

With Or Without Label

Cascade HealthCare Products carries Plastic Sundry Jars. These sturdy, unbreakable jars come with lids in see-through polystyrene. Individual jars are clear without imprints and sets of 5 jars are imprinted with the following labels: Applicators, Bandages, Cotton, Gauze and Tongue Depressors.


  • Plastic Jar and Lid
  • Individual Jars are Unlabeled
  • Sets of 5 Jars have Standard Label Imprints: Applicators, Bandages, Cotton, Gauze and Tongue Depressors

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Product Choices
Sundry Jar - Plastic Unlabeled, Each
No Label, Each
SKU: 9229
Manufacturer part number: 63-4019
excluding shipping
Sundry Jar - Plastic Labeled, Set of 5
Labeled, Set of 5
SKU: 9230
Manufacturer part number: 63-4011
excluding shipping
Sundry Jar - Plastic, Stainless Steel Jar Rack Only
Stainless Steel Jar Rack Only
SKU: 0074
Manufacturer part number: 515-R
excluding shipping