Pregnancy Handouts

Our Pregnancy Handouts cover a variety of pregnancy issues and are a convenient way of providing take home information for pregnant women & their families. Many of our handouts are bilingual, Spanish/English.


Common Pregnancy Myths Tear Pad

Informative Handout
$22.00 excluding shipping

Fetal Movement Counts Tear Pad

Helps Teach Mom to Monitor Fetal Activity
Bilingual, English/Spanish
$29.00 excluding shipping

High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy

Explains Types of High Blood Pressures During Pregnancy
100 Page Tear Pad
$22.00 excluding shipping

Preconception Planning Tear Pad

Teach Expectant Parents Importance of Making Healthy Food Choices
Bilingual, English/Spanish
$22.00 excluding shipping

Timeline of Pregnancy Tear Pad

Help Expectant Parents Understand the Stages of Fetal Development
Available in English & Spanish
$0.00 excluding shipping

Warning Signs During Pregnancy Tear Pad

Know What Warning Signs Should be Reported
Bilingual, English/Spanish
$22.00 excluding shipping