Pregnancy Models

We carry an  extensive selection of pregnancy models that are ideal for childbirht education classes. Whether you are looking for individual models or complete sets, the training models we supply are of great quality and ideal for all educational purposes involving the various stages of pregnancy.

We have selected our pregnancy models to cater to the needs of midwives, nurse-midwives, nurse-practitioners, childbirth educators and others who are involved in teaching about pregnancy and birth.

Placenta Model

Cast Specimen of Human Placenta
Provides Detailed Portayal of Vessels
$589.00 excluding shipping

Abdominal Palpation Model

Demonstrates Fetal Lie, Presentation & Position
Includes Guide on How to Use Model
$0.00 excluding shipping

Pregnancy Pelvis 2 Part Model

Illustrates Position of the Baby in the Womb Shortly Before Birth
Baby is Removable
$219.00 excluding shipping

Pregnancy Pelvis 3 Part Model

Representation of Female Pelvis at 40 Weeks with Removable Fetus
12 Week Fetus is Mounted on the Base
$589.00 excluding shipping

Pregnancy Display with 5 Models

5 Models Showing Important Stages of Fetal Development
Includes 5 month Breech Position Model
$569.00 excluding shipping

Pregnancy Display with 8 Models

Shows the Complete Stages of Development
Includes Breech, Transvere Lie & Twins Models
$869.00 excluding shipping

Smokey Sue Smokes for Two Model

Smokey Sue Smokes for Two
Visual Display for Teaching Impact of Smoking on Fetus
From $162.00 excluding shipping

What Mommy Does Baby Does Display

Powerful Presentation on How Alcohol, Drub & Tobacco Use by Pregnant Wome
Impacts the Developing Fetus
$249.00 excluding shipping

What Mommy Does Baby Does Model

3-D Model Illustrates How Alcohol & Other Substances Cross the Placenta
English/Spanish Presentation Notes
From $69.00 excluding shipping

With Child Simulator Model

Unique Model that Teaches Non-Pregnant Wearer
Physical Aspects of Being Pregnant
From $659.00 excluding shipping