Perineal Cold Pads - Premium

Cold Pads for Relief of Perineal Swelling After Birth
*Long-Lasting Cold
SKU: 3941, 3947

Cascade HealthCare Products knows that after giving birth, sometimes the swelling is too much to handle. That's why we carry a wide variety of Perineal cold pads to fit every new mom's needs! These Perineal Cold Pads  - Premium are the best cold pads available, providing instant soothing, cool relief of perineal swelling with the longest-lasting cold life. Use in combination with absorbent santiary pads immediately following childbirth. Inside each pad is an instant cold pack that provides instant comfort and relief.


  • Size: 7.5" x 14-5/8"
  • Tape tabs at front and back for secure placement
  • Hourglass shape is extra wide for greater absorbency
  • Longest-lasting cold of all Perineal Col Pads

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