Process of Giving Birth Flip Chart

Features 12 Full Color Panels of Pregnancy Images
Bilingual, English/Spanish
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Process of Giving Birth Flip Chart

The Childbirth Graphics Process of Giving Birth Flip Chart is a  bilingual (English/Spanish) flip chart series that features full-color images of pregnancy and birth from conception through involution of the uterus. Also includes a comprehensive set of presenter's notes printed on the back of each chart, a detailed Apgar chart, a glossary of common Spanish terms for each topic, and additional black and white illustrations. This wirebound 13" x 23" chart set unfolds to form its own easel.

Topics Include

  • Each trimester
  • As labor begins
  • Early labor
  • Active labor
  • Internal rotation
  • Crowning
  • Fetal head emerging
  • Birth expulsion
  • Newborns
  • Expulsion of the placenta 

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