Eye Charts & Occluders

Cascade HealthCare Products carries a complete line of Eye Charts including Jaeger Reading, Snellen, Illiterate, and Kindegarten Our line of eye charts are selected for professionals who perform eye screenings that range from simple to extensive. We offer eye charts for children and adults as well as convenient pocket-size charts for easy transportation.


Illiterate Eye Charts 10 Foot

Non-Reflective Matte Finish/Black Print
Can Be Used with Eye Test Cabinet
From $19.00 excluding shipping

Illiterate Eye Charts 20 Foot

Non-Reflective Matte Finish
Has Green & Red Bars
From $10.00 excluding shipping

Jaeger Reading Eye Chart

Used for Determining Near Vision
Scale Range is J1 to J11
From $11.00 excluding shipping

Kindergarten Eye Chart

Uses Objects to Test Visual Acuity in Children
Laminated 11" x 22"
From $10.00 excluding shipping

Pocket Eye Test Chart

Small Eye Chart with 20/800 Distance
Metric & English Scale on Back
From $5.00 excluding shipping

Snellen Eye Chart 10 Feet

Common Eye Chart for 10 Foot Distance
Non-Glare Black Letters
From $19.00 excluding shipping

Snellen Eye Chart 20 Feet

Most Commonly Used Eye Chart
Used for Measuring Visual Acuity at a Distance
From $10.00 excluding shipping

Eye Occluder 6"

Single-Ended Paddle Style
Used to Occlude Either Eye without Pressure
From $12.00 excluding shipping