Res Q Vac Adult - System

Portable Hand-Powered Airway Suction Device
Adult Use Only
SKU: 3225
Manufacturer part number: P1F1S114S
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The  Res-Q-Vac™ Home Adults Only Manual Suction System is a portable, light weight, reusable, hand-powered airway suction device for emergency use. Comparable to electric, wall suction >600mmHg.  The Res-Q-Vac™ suction handle produces rapid and strong suction and can be easily cleaned for re-use. Latex free

System Includes:

  • Res-Q-Vac Pump
  • Canister with Full Stop Protection Filer
  • Soft Yankauer
  • 3.5" & 14" 14fr Catheters
  • Carrying Bag