211 Measuring Tape System - Seca

Seca Measuring Tapes for Infant Head Circumference
With Wall Dispenser
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The Seca 211 Measuring Tapes with Wall Dispenses. The 211 tapesare made of high-quality paper that  have a loop insert that helps insure proper measurement of infant head circumference. The small, space-saving wall dispenser is easy to install /refill and is an ideal solution for birth centers and clinics. Tapes measures in inches and centimeters, 5" (12cm) - 23" (59cm). Ideal for birth centers and clinics.

Head circumference is one of the most important anthropometric measurements used for early detection of abnormal brain or skull development in children and teens.

  • Precise, exact results can be read instantly.
  • Comprehensive, measuring range from 5-23" / 12 - 59 cm.
  • High-quality, hygienic disposable measuring tape made of high-quality paper can reduce cross-contamination of germs.