Measuring Tape System 211 - Seca

Disposable Measuring Tapes and Wall Dispenser

Cascade HealthCare Products carries Seca 211 Measuring Tape and Dispenser system. These high quality disposable tapes can be used either alone or with a special wall dispenser.

The 211 tapes have a loop insert that helps insure proper measurement of infant head circumference. The small, space-saving wall dispenser is easy to install /refill and is an ideal solution for birth centers and clinics.


  • Tape Measures in inches and centimeters:
    • 5 in  - 23 in
    • 12 cm - 59cm
  • Wall-mounting dispenser

We have a variety of options for Infant Measuring from tape to measuring boards and measuring rods. Just click here to see our complete selection.

If you need help finding the right product, Cheryl Meyers has over 30 years of experience working with midwives and health care professionals. You can email questions to or call us at (800)443-9942.

Product Choices
Measuring Tape System 211 - Seca, Dispenser & 500 Tapes
Dispenser With 500 Tape Measures
SKU: 8225
Manufacturer part number: 2111817059
excluding shipping
Measuring Tape System 211 - Seca, 1000 Tape Measures Only
1000 Tape Measures Only
SKU: 8643
Manufacturer part number: 2111817009
excluding shipping