218 Measuring Tape System - Seca

Seca 218 Measuring Tapes for Infant Head Circumfrence
Tapes Have Room for Name & Date
With Wall Dispenser
excluding shipping

The Seca 218 disposable tapes can be used alone or with the optional dispenser. The 218 disposable tapes have a loop end that ensures proper measurement of infant head circumference and can also be used for measuring fundal height. These tapes have a place for a name and date. The small, space saving wall dispenser is easy to install/refill and is ideal for birth centers and clinics.


  • Measurements in centimeters and inches:
    •   5 in  - 23 in
    • 12 cm - 59 cm
  • Replacement measuring tapes available.
  • Wall-mounting dispenser.
  • Designated space for noting  name and measurements.
  • Disposable measuring tape of high-quality paper can reduce potential transmission of germs.
  • Uncomplicated removal of measuring tape for immediate use.
  • At hand at all times from exclusive wall dispenser.
  • Extra space to write down name, height, weight and date.