Seca 374 Baby Scale

Mobile Digital Baby Scale With Wireless Transmission
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Cascade HealthCare Products carries the Seca 374 Digital Baby Scale. Ergonomic, convenient and time-saving: these are the key words that define the seca 374. Its extra large tray lets you weigh a seated toddler of up to 44 lbs, even if the child is fidgety. The adjustable damping function combined with the Auto-HOLD function ensures fast and precise work. Net weight of a diapered baby? Choose TARE. The amount of milk breast-fed to a baby? Use the BMIF (Breast-Milk-Intake-Function). Measuring and weighing in one step? Yes ‒ thanks to the optional measuring rod seca 233. Transmit the weight measurement wirelessly to the seca 360° wireless network? It’s simple, no effort is needed when using the auto-SEND function. Operate the scale from any location since it can be powered using batteries or by power adapter.

The Seca 374 is compatible with the Seca 233 Measuring Rod, which can be attached to the Seca 374 for additional measuring features. The Seca 233 Measuring Rod is sold separately and can be found here.


  • Capacity: 44 lbs
  • Dimensions: 24.4 x 7.5 x 14.1 inch
  • Graduation: 0.2 oz < 22 lbs > 0.5 oz (5 g < 10 kg > 10 g)
  • Net weight: 7.9 lbs
  • Uses 6 batteries, type AA
  • With Breast-Milk-Intake-Function (BMIF)
  • seca 360° wireless technology allows you to transmit measurements wirelessly to an EMR system or seca wireless printer
  • Adjustable damping
  • High-quality seca scale technology with fine 0.1-pound graduation
  • TARE, HOLD, Auto-HOLD and BMIF for extra convenience
  • Solid surfaces prevent liquid penetration, eliminating cross contamination
  • lbs/kg switch-over
  • Keypad tone
  • Auto-PRINT
  • Operates using 6 x AA batteries
  • Optional measuring Seca Measuring Rod 233. Rod sold separately, click here for details
  • Optional switch-mode Power Adapter available