Cascade HealthCare Products carries Height Rods from Seca and Health O Meter. Our selection of digital and mechanical stadiometers and height rods are for use with children and/or adults. Choose from portable, leightweight height rods or wall mounted height rods.

Health O Meter provides advanced digital, electronic and mechanical scales to medical facilities and hospital professionals.

Seca is a German company that has been in business since 1840 and is a world market leader for high-precision and functional medical scales.

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213 Mobile Stadiometer, Seca

Seca 213 Mobile, Portable Height Rod Measures to 81"

216 Mechanical Stadiometer, Seca

Seca 216 Mechanical Stadiometer, Wall Mounted Height Rod Measures 4" - 90"

Portrod Height Rod, Health o Meter

Health o Meter Portrod is a Wall Mounted Height Rod that Measures to 83"
$105.00 excluding shipping