Sheaths for Elite Probes

Non Sterile Sheaths for Elite Probes $110
Sterile Sheaths for Elite Probes $195

Elite Probe/Imex Pocket Dop II sheaths are designed to protect Doppler probes from water or other fluids.

The Elite Probe/Pocket Dop II sheaths available in non-sterile or sterile. Sterile sheaths include 3.5gm of coupling gel. 

Product Choices
Sheaths for Doppler Probes Sterile, Box of 25
Sterile, Box of 25
SKU: 4634
Manufacturer part number: S300
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Sheaths for Doppler Probes Non-Sterile, Box of 25
Non-Sterile, Box of 25
SKU: 5786
Manufacturer part number: S 100
excluding shipping