Skeleton Model Frank - Hanging

Functional Physiological Skeleton Model
Comes with 6' 3" metal stand and transparent dust cover
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Manufacturer part number: A15/3S
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Designed and developed with the help of John Chester M.D. (consultant at the Feldenkrais Guild N.A.). It features an impressive new assembly of all the joints that enable it to make individual movements that are almost true-to-life. Demonstrate the complex movement sequences of the upper limb. The shoulder blades twist when the arms are raised. Even the position of spoke bones and ulna in relation to each other during internal and external rotation of the forearm can be shown clearly. The flexible spine of this skeleton can make natural movements (lateral bend, movement and stretching, rotation). When the knee joint is stretched and bent, thanks to the flexible assembly, the position of the knee cap can be demonstrated. The hand bones have been assembled on wire to show their natural position. The flexible assembly of the foot bones makes them maneuverable. Even the low level of maneuverability of the sacroiliac joint and the sacrococcygeal symphysis can be demonstrated. Now available on a stable metal hanging stand with 5 casters.

  •   Top quality, life-size natural casting
  •   Made from a durable, unbreakable synthetic material
  •   Close to the realistic weight of around 200 bones
  •   3-part assembled skull with individually inserted teeth
  •   On a stable metal hanging stand with 5 casters (painted white)
  •   Final assembly carried out by hand