STD Education

Cascade HealthCare Products understands that teaching others about Sexually Transmitted Dieases can be a challenge and finding the right materials to get the information across in the most effective and thorough way possible is important. Our selection of teaching materials helps instructors share information and sensitive details in an approachable way. We carry detailed information displays and charts that are accessible to both teenage and adult audiences. 


HIV and Aids Chart

$21.00 excluding shipping

Consequences of STDs 3D Display

Consequences of STDs 3D Display Ideal for Clinics and Sex Education Programs
$430.00 excluding shipping

Consequences of HIV/AIDS 3D Display

Clear, Easy-to-Understand Text
3D Table Top Display
$417.00 excluding shipping

HIV/AIDS Death of an Immune System Easel Display

HIV/Aids Death of an Immunce System Easel Display is a 3D Teaching Aid
$149.00 excluding shipping

HIV/AIDS Flip Chart

An informative Teaching Aid
Explains Symptoms, Transmission & Prevention
$106.00 excluding shipping

Sexually Transmitted Diseases Flip Chart

Teaching Aid Highlights Common STDs and How to Avoid Them
6 Panels with Presenter Notes
$106.00 excluding shipping

What You Should Know About HIV/AIDS Display

What You Should Know About HIV/Aids Folding Tabletop Display
$0.00 excluding shipping

What You Should Know About STDs Display

STDs Tabletop Educational Display
Includes Information on STDs in Pregnancy
$49.00 excluding shipping