5" x 15" Sterilization Pouch

Self-Seal Sterilization Pouches
Box of 200
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Manufacturer part number: 100550
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Sterilization Pouches are pre-folded self-seal pouches are the preferred pouches for all clinical settings since there is no heat sealer required for sealing closure. These pouches are designed for use in autoclaves but can also be used for other methods of sterilization. The quality of these pouches provides unexcelled performance for the user. Boxes of 200


  • A  patented pre-fold to assure accurate, fast seal without perforation holes
  • Unique front and back process indicators ease process identification
  • Constructed of premium paper and film
  • Process Indicators for steam or gas are printed on back & front of pouches for ease when separating processed from unprocessed instruments