Successful Breastfeeding Folding Display

Illustrated Folding Display
Full-Color Photos of Diverse Breastfeeding Mothers & Their Babies
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Childbirth Graphics Successful Breastfeeding Folding Display

The Childbirth Graphics Successful Breastfeeding Folding Display is a  portable, versatile display that is beautifully illustrated with full-color photographs of diverse breastfeeding mothers and their babies. The display covers a variety of topics clearly and succinctly. You can also choose a carrying case to transport your folding displays and/or a wall hanger that offers a unique frame design to hang folding displays. Measures 58" x 22.5" opened and optional carrying case or wall hanger are available.

Topics Covered

  • Basics of Breastfeeding
  • Breastfeeding's Health Benefits
  • Positions
  • Comfort tips
  • Suggestions for Working Moms

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