Summit LifeDop 250 Vascular Doppler - Rechargeable

Digital Display

Our Price: $655
Manufacturer List Price: $826

Cascade HealthCare Products carries the Rechargeable LifeDop 250 handheld Doppler with digital display and rechargeable batteries. These Dopplers accept all LifeDop non-directional probes.

The L250 probe options include 4 MHz, 5 MHz and 8 MHz probes, as well as the 8 MHz sterilizable probe for detection of blood flow in both veins and arteries. The sterilizable probe is STERRAD compatible with all LifeDop Dopplers.

Each Doppler comes complete with Doppler and one probe.  Additional probes sold separately. To see our selection of obstetric probe options, just click here.


  • Large digital display
  • Interchangeable probes
  • Battery charger and rechargeable AA batteries included
  • Wide selection of probe options: 4 MHz, 5 MHz, 8 MHz, and sterilizable probes available

Shipping costs for single handheld Dopplers (tabletop Dopplers not included) in the Continental US range from $10 - $18 depending on the destination. Even with shipping costs included, our prices are unbeatable!

*All Summit Dopplers and probes are covered under a Wallach Surgical's warranty and come with a two (2) year labor and two (2) year parts warranty. For more details, click here to be redirected to Wallach Surgical's webpage.

If you need help choosing the right Doppler for your practice, Cheryl Meyers has over 30 years of experience working with midwives and health care professionals. You can email questions to or call us at (800)443-9942.

Product Choices
Summit LifeDop 250 Vascular Doppler - Rechargeable W/5 MHz Probe VS
5 MHz Probe VS
SKU: 2746
Manufacturer part number: L250R-SD5
excluding shipping
Summit LifeDop 250 Vascular Doppler - Rechargeable W/8 MHz Probe VS
8 MHz Probe VS
SKU: 8172
Manufacturer part number: L250R-SD8
excluding shipping
Roll Stand w/Basket for Doppler, Only
Roll Stand w/Storage Basket, Only
SKU: 7982
Manufacturer part number: K200
excluding shipping
Wall Mount for Doppler, Only
Wall Mount, Only
SKU: 4309
Manufacturer part number: K300
excluding shipping