LifeDop 350 Obsterical Doppler

Tabletop Obstetrical Doppler with a Large Digital Display
2MH, 2MHz Waterproof, 3MHz or 5MHz Transvaginal Probe
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The Summit LifeDop 350R Obstetrical doppler is a table top model with a  large digital display, high fidelity speakers with louder output, rechargeable batterires, two probe holders and an optional roll stand.

Probe Options

2MHz OB Probe has a wide angle beam that is optimized for use in pregnancy and during labor

 2MHz Waterproof OB Probe is designed for use in water assisted labors and births

 3MHz OB Probe is ideal for early fetal heart detection and for general prenatal use

 5MHz OB Transvaginal is used for early fetal heartbeat detection and is ideal for use with obese women


  • Enhanced probe sensitivity
  • Excellent sound/high-fidelity speaker with louder output
  • User-accessible batteries
  • Improved ergonomics and overall appearance
  • Two probe holders for multiple applications
  • Reliable performance
  • Optional roll stand with storage basket available
  • Warranty 2 years parts and labor