Summit LifeDop 350R Obsterical Doppler

LifeDop 350R Obstetrical Doppler is a Table Top Model with a Digital Display
With One Probe $825
With Waterproof Probe $850
With Transvaginal Probe $999

The Summit LifeDop 350R Obstetrical doppler is a table top model with a  large digital display, high fidelity speakers with louder output, rechargeable batterires, two probe holders and an optional roll stand. The L350 options include transvaginal and waterproof probes or the standard 2 MHz or 3 MHz probes.

The LifeDop 350 Series is a multi-use Doppler that can also be used as a vascular Doppler. By changing the probe to any of the three vascular probes available, this Doppler provides the economical convenience of only having to purchase one Doppler where both fetal & vascular functions are required.


  • Enhanced probe sensitivity
  • Excellent sound/high-fidelity speaker with louder output
  • User-accessible batteries
  • Improved ergonomics and overall appearance
  • Two probe holders for multiple applications
  • Reliable performance
  • Optional roll stand with storage basket available
  • Warranty 2 years parts and labor


Product Choices
Summit LifeDop 350 Doppler W/2 MHz Probe OB
2 MHz probe
SKU: 4485
Manufacturer part number: L350R-SD2
excluding shipping
Summit LifeDop 350 Doppler W/ 2 MHz Waterproof Probe OB
2 MHz Waterproof Probe
SKU: 4488
Manufacturer part number: L350R-SDW
excluding shipping
Summit LifeDop 350 Doppler W/3 MHz Probe OB
3 MHz Probe
SKU: 4486
Manufacturer part number: L350R-SD3
excluding shipping
Summit LifeDop 350 Doppler W/ 5 MHz Transvaginal Probe OB
5 MHz Transvaginal Probe
SKU: 3685
Manufacturer part number: L350R-SDE
excluding shipping
Summit LifeDop 350 Doppler Roll Stand w/ Basket
Roll Stand w/ Basket
SKU: 7083
Manufacturer part number: K220
excluding shipping