Cascade HealthCare Products carries Summit LifeDop Vascular Dopplers. Choose from our selection of handheld Dopplers and Doppler ABI Systems.

All of our Summit Dopplers are also multi-use Dopplers, which means you can use the same system for obstetrical assessments simply by purchasing the interchangeable fetal probe to suit your needs.  This feature is ideal for the odd occasion that requires you to use your vascular Doppler for obstetrical purposes; however, we do strongly recommend getting separate Dopplers for both obstetrical and vascular uses if you practice both assessments regularly. Each Doppler is designed with uniquely tailored features for its specific purpose to make your job easier and more efficient. Some features will not be available - such as digital display - when the obstetrical probe is used on a vascular Doppler.

Why choose the LifeDop 300 ABI System over the LifeDop 250 System?
Cascade HealthCare Products carries the LifeDop 250 ABI System for customers seeking a basic system at an economical price.  However, we strongly encourage you to compare the features of both ABI Systems before making your choice, as the LifeDop 300 ABI System has a far superior range of features for your convenience.

LifeDop 300 ABI System: The L300 ABI includes a keypad for entering blood pressure measurements into memory as well as a software driven menu to walk you through an ABI.  In addition, the L300 automatically calculates the ABI so the end user does not have to. The ABI is printed along with the individual pressure measurements and the Doppler waveforms on the included portable printer. The L300 ABI also comes standard with an aneroid and four blood pressure cuffs - two 10 cm cuffs and two 12 cm cuffs.

LifeDop 250 ABI System: The L250 ABI does not include a keypad or software driven menu to automatically calculate ABI. You are required to take each measurement, record it manually, and then calculate the ABI on your own. The portable printer must also be plugged in after each waveform is saved so that it can be printed. Like the L300, the L250 comes with an aneroid and portable printer, and an option of two or four blood pressure cuffs.

Summit vascular assessment Dopplers are known for their excellent detection of vessels and blood flow, making them ideal for all your vascular assessment needs.

*LifeDop 250 ABI Vascular Systems and LifeDop 300 ABI Vascular Systems can only use ABI-specific probes. If purchasing additional probes for your ABI system, please be sure to purchase the probes marked 'ABI' as the regular probes are not compatible with LifeDop vascular ABI systems.

*All Summit proves are covered under a Wallach Surgical's warranty and come with a two (2) year labor and two (2) year parts warranty. For more details, click here to be redirected to Wallach Surgical's webpage.

Shipping costs for single handheld Dopplers (tabletop Dopplers not included) in the Continental US range from $10 - $18 depending on the destination. Even with shipping costs included, our prices are unbeatable!

Click here to see our full range of obstetrical and vascular Dopplers from Huntleigh, Wallach Summit and Nicolet.

If you need help choosing the right products, Cheryl Meyers has over 30 years of experience working with midwives and other health care professionals. You can email questions to or call us at (800)443-9942.

LifeDop 150 Audio Only Vascular Doppler

LifeDop 150 Audio Only Vascular Doppler
Choose 4Mhz, 5Mhz, or 8Mhz Probe
$425.00 excluding shipping

LifeDop 150A Audio OnlyVascular Doppler w/Recorder

LifeDop Audio Only Vascular Doppler with Recorder
Choose 4MHz, 5MHz, or 8MHz Probe
$0.00 excluding shipping

LifeDop 150R Audio Only Vascular Doppler w/Recharger

LifeDop 150R Audio Only Vascular Doppler w/Recharger
Choose 4MHz, 5MHz, or 8mhz Probe
$0.00 excluding shipping

LifeDop 250 ABI System

LifeDop 250 ABI System with Printer
Choose 2 cuffs or 4 cuffs
$0.00 excluding shipping

LifeDop 250 Display Vascular Doppler

LifeDop 250 Vascular Doppler with Digital Display
Choose 4MHz, 5MHz or 8MHz Probes
$589.00 excluding shipping

LifeDop 250R Display Vascular Doppler w/Recharger

LifeDop 250R Vascular Doppler with Digital Display & Recharger
Choose 4MHz, 5MHZ or 8MHz Probe
$0.00 excluding shipping

LifeDop 300 ABI System

LifeDop 300 ABI System with Printer
Automatic ABI Calculations
$2,199.00 excluding shipping

Summit LifeDop 250A Vascular Doppler - Rechargeable

Digital Display With Audio Recorder

Our Price: $725
Manufacturer List Price: $959
$0.00 excluding shipping

Summit Vantage ABI Package 2 Doppler System

VANMAX Cuff-Based ABI System With Printer & Stand

Uses DFO Waveform Analysis
$3,900.00 excluding shipping

Summit Vista ABI Doppler System

Summit Vista L450VA ABI System
2 Modalities, PVR & Bi Directional
$0.00 excluding shipping

Summit Vista AVS ABI Doppler System

Summit Vista L150VA AVS System
Full Featured ABI/Vascular System
Satifies Reimbursement Requirements
$0.00 excluding shipping