Summit ABI Systems

Our selection of Summit ABI systems include the economical and portable L250 & L300 with waveform printouts. We also offer the Vista ABI and Vista AVS full-featured systems for Pads Diagnosis. All of these systems satisfy insurance reimbursement requirements.



LifeDop 250 ABI System

LifeDop 250 ABI System with Printer
Choose 2 cuffs or 4 cuffs
$0.00 excluding shipping

LifeDop 300 ABI System

LifeDop 300 ABI System with Printer
Automatic ABI Calculations
$2,199.00 excluding shipping

Summit Vantage ABI Package 2 Doppler System

VANMAX Cuff-Based ABI System With Printer & Stand

Uses DFO Waveform Analysis
$3,900.00 excluding shipping

Summit Vista ABI System

ABI System with PVR & Bi Directional Modalities
Waveform Dispay & Built In Speaker
$0.00 excluding shipping

Summit Vista AVS ABI System

Faster, Easier Segmental Exams
Full Featured ABI/Vascular System
Satifies Reimbursement Requirements
$0.00 excluding shipping