Summit Vista ABI Doppler System

Summit Vista L450VA ABI System
2 Modalities, PVR & Bi Directional
excluding shipping

The  Summit Vista L450VA ABI Vascular System was designed for practices that want to begin performing ABI exams immediately with the option of later adding accessories like the PPG probe and software. The accompanying compact printer rapidly prints two ankle weaverfomrs along with the ABI results.

The Vista ABI system conducts single-level ABI exams and seated ABI exams using the bi-directional Doppler probe or PVR.  This is a full-featured system for P.A.D. Diagnosis.


  • 2 modalities: PVR and 8MHz bi-directional Doppler probe
  • PPG Package with PPG probe sold separately
  • Graphic waveform display with an easy-to-follow test sequence
  • On-screen guide
  • 4 cuffs with automated inflation/deflation
    • 2 x 10cm
    • 2 x 12cm
  • Optional 5 MHz bi-directional probe provides deeper penetration on larger patients
  • Fully featured for P.A.D. Diagnosis
  • Includes stand
  • CPT Codes 93922 and 93924

Vista ABI Optional PPG Package Features

  • A sensitive arterial PPG probe for obtaining both toe and limb pressures
  • Includes convenient Velcro to secure placement on the digit
  • A 1.9cm cuff for performing TBI exams on patients with non-compressible arteries