Detergents & Disinfectants

Detergents for cleaning instruments and  high level disinfectants for immersible medical equipment and instruments.


EmPower Instrument Detergent/Presoak

EmPower Dual-Enzymatic Detergent & Presoak
For Instruments & Equipment
From $16.00 excluding shipping

Multi Enzymatic Instrument Detergent

Mc Kesson Multi Enzymatic Instrument Detergent
pH Neutral, Non-Abrasive, 100% biodegradable
From $27.00 excluding shipping

McKesson Instrument Disinfectant

McKesson Instrument Disinfectant & Sterilizing Liquid
From $22.50 excluding shipping

Wavicide 01 Instrument Disinfectant

Wavicide 01 High Level Instrument Disinfectant
2 Year Shelf Life, No Activator
$13.00 excluding shipping