Cascade HealthCare Products carries Carb-N-Sert® Dressing Forceps, also known as Tungsten Carbide Dressing Forceps by  Miltex®. Dressing Forceps are a common general use instrument for holding tissue while dressing wounds and suturing. Their sturdy grip is also useful for pulling needles while suturing.

These German made instruments have Carb-N-Sert jaws that are made of tungsten carbide, the hardest steel made for surgical instruments. They are then bonded to dressing forceps made of the finest quality stainless steel. With 4000 teeth per square inch, the tungsten carbide insert tips permit atraumatic and firm grap of tissue.

Miltex Carb-N-Sert instruments are the world's finest grade instruments, setting the standard by which all other brands are compared. Their instruments are German-made of the highest grade European stainless steel. When properly cared for, Miltex instruments can provide exceptional, consistent performance for a lifetime.

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Carb N Sert Adson Dressing Forceps - Miltex

Straight With Serrated Tip
$108.00 excluding shipping

Carb N Sert Dressing Forceps - Miltex

Straight With Serrated Tip
$113.00 excluding shipping