Swaddle Blankets - Under the Nile

100% Organic Egyptian Cotton

Cascade HealthCare Products carries Under the Nile Swaddle Blankets. These blankets are made of 100% organic Egyptian cotton.

The art of swaddling goes back almost as far as the beginning of human history. Its ability to soothe and calm babies has made it a popular practice across the world. Scientific evidence has shown that swaddling helps babies to have a more peaceful, less interrupted sleep because it encourages them to sleep on their backs, while keeping them from moving their arms around and waking themselves. It is also said that swaddling comforts babies because it recreates the feeling of being in the safe and cozy environment of the womb.


  • Measure 34" x 34"
  • Colors: sage and natural
  • 100% organic Eyptian cotton

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