Using the Birth Ball for Comfort Positions Pamphlet

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Cascade HealthCare Products has a clearance sale on the Birth Ball for Comfort Positions Pamphlet! This pamphlet explains why the birth ball is an excellent tool for women to use from pregnancy through the postpartum period. It also features tips on choosing a birth ball. This pamphlet is an excellent accompaniment to the Birth Ball Comfort Positions Chart, which we also carry. Just click here to see it.

Featured Topics

  • Choosing a birth ball
  • Using the ball for pelvic rocking
  • Benefits of birth ball use
  • 8 panels
  • 4" x 8 1/2" folded

We recently decided to no longer carry pamphlets as part of our Educational Materials. To see the complete selection of pregnancy and birth pamphlets we currently have on clearance, click here to see our Current Specials page!