Vaginal Politics Book

A Midwife Story
By Judy Lee & Bette L. Waters
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Cascade HealthCare Products carries the book, Vaginal Politics: A Midwife Story, by Judy Lee & Bette L. Waters. This is a story of how a midwife and her patients used the community, the legal system and the media to defend themselves against the legal and illegal harassment from the local medical system. But at what price?

Vaginal Politics is a story of emotional trauma buried within Judy Lee's psyche - emotional trauma when tapped 25 years later, resembles the trauma suppression seen in women who have been violently attacked and never told. Vaginal Politics has been adapted as a screenplay by Barry Dunleavey and Bette Waters, 2008. It is presently in the hands of an agent

Paperback. 2003

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