Versalab Monitors

The Nicolet  Versalabs by Natus are known for their portability and versatility, as well as their large, clear displays and convenient built-in printers. Choose from the VersaLab LE Doppler system for bi-directional vascular evaluations, or the VersaLab APM and APM2 Antepartum Monitors for non-stress testing during pregnancy.

Nicolet VersaLab Antepartum Fetal Monitor

Single Unit $3350
Twins Unit $4175
From $36.00

Nicolet VersaLab LE Vascular Doppler System

Versalab LE System with Printer & 1 Probe $2395
Versalab LE System with Printer & 2 Probes $2795
Other Options Available
From $40.00

Aquasonics Ultrasound Gel

Aquasonics Ultrasound Gel is available in sizes from 60gm to 5 liters
From $3.00