Blood Pressure Cuffs

Cascade carries ADC and Welch Allyn aneroid (mechanical) blood  pressure cuffs, blood pressure kits, digital blood pressure cuffs and replacement parts from Welch Allyn and ADC. Our wide selection of products includes blood pressure cuffs for professional use and models suitable for individual or home use.

ADC offers an excellent selection of blood pressure cuffs, both mechanical and digital. With a variety of features, you will find ADC has quality devices to suit a variety of professional and personal applications.

The Welch Allyn brand offers high quality products with guaranteed longevity. If you are looking for a reliable, top-of-the-line aneroid for your practice, Welch Allyn is an excellent choice. The most significant feature of the Welch Allyn line of aneroids is the shock protection that has been added to all their gauges. The DuraShock feature adds a high level of protection to all their aneroid gauges, keeping them calibrated even if dropped.


PROBP 2400 Digital - Welch Allyn

Professional Quality & Results
Introductory Pricing of $369
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Blood Pressure ProKit - Cascade

Cascade Prokit with Blood Pressure Cuff & Stainless Steel Stethoscope
$39.00 excluding shipping