Cascade HealthCare Products carries Welch Allyn Aneroid Supplies including replacement FlexiPort One-Piece Cuffs, replacement bulbs and air release valves as well as carrying cases.

The newly introduced FlexiPort One-Piece Cuff design can be used on any Welch Allyn aneroid. The advanced FlexiPort design eliminates the need for a bladder making it sleeker and lighter than standard two-piece blood pressure cuffs. For convenience and easy identification, each cuff is color-coded by size. Our selection of Welch Allyn FlexiPort Cuffs are all reusable. Choose form the regular FlexiPort Blood Pressure Cuff, the One-Tube and Two-Tube options to suit the aneroid you are using.

Our selection of replacement air release valves comes with your choice of valve only or valve with inflation bulb. We also offer a variety of replacement bulbs for Welch Allyn handheld, integrated, wall and mobile aneroids. The carrying cases we offer are a soft, durable design with sturdy zippers for safe storage.

The Welch Allyn brand offer high quality products with guaranteed longevity. If you are looking for a reliable, top-of-the-line aneroid for your practice, Welch Allyn is an excellent choice. See our full selection of Welch Allyn Aneroids by clicking here.

If you need help choosing the right products, Cheryl Meyers has over 30 years of experience working with midwives and other health care professionals. You can email questions to or call us at (800)443-9942.

Air Release Valve - Welch Allyn

With Thumb Screw
From $23.00

Air Release Valve with Bulb - Welch Allyn

With Inflation Bulb
From $27.00

FlexiPort Blood Pressure Cuffs - Welch Allyn

Replacement Cuffs Only
From $28.00

FlexiPort Cuff With One Tube & Tri Purpose Connector - Welch Allyn

Reusable 1-Piece Blood Pressure Cuff
From $26.00

FlexiPort Cuff With Two Tube & Tri Purpose Connector - Welch Allyn

Reusable 1-Piece Blood Pressure Cuff
From $27.00

Inflation Bulb For DS45, DS48 & 767 Aneroids - Welch Allyn

Bulb Only In Small & Large Sizes
From $13.00