PocketScope Diagnostic Set 92821 - Welch Allyn

With Ophthalmoscope, Otoscope and Two PocketScope Handles

Cascade HealthCare Products carries PocketScope 2.5 V Halogen Diagnostic Sets by Welch Allyn. The PocketScope is small, convenient, and easy to use with bright, white halogen light. This set includes both the PocketScope Ophthalmoscope and PocketScope Otoscope along with two PocketScope handles.

The 92821 PocketScope Set from Welch Allyn includes the 13000 Welch Allyn 2.5V PocketScope Ophthalmoscope and the 21111 2.5v PocketScope Otoscope with Throat Illuminator. Each instrument comes with an Alkaline battery-powered handle. The whole set can be stored in the included soft storage case. Both instruments use halogen light for true tissue color and consistent, long-lasting illumination.

The PocketScope Ophthalmoscope is lightweight and compact and has five aperture selections for general and specialist use as well as 48 lenses for better resolution. Its polarized filter reduces corneal reflection. There are 12 aperture/filter combinations for greater versatility: micro, small, and large spot sizes, cobalt blue filter for corneal exams, fixation target, and slit aperture, plus red-free filter and unfiltered halogen.

The PocketScope Otoscope with Throat Illuminator uses fiber optics that provide cool light with no reflection, no obstruction. The wide angle viewing lens allows instrumentation under magnification. It has a sealed system for pneumatic otoscopy. Detach the head to use the built-in throat illumination/penlight for added versatility.


  • Ophthalmoscope and Otoscope, each with 2.5V Halogen Lamp
  • Ophthalmoscope has 5 aperture selections, 48 lenses, Polarized filter, and 12 aperture/filter combinations
  • Otoscope has wide angle viewing lens, Sealed system for pneumatic otoscopy, Built-in throat
  • illumination/penlight
  • Adjustable rheostat to control light intensity
  • 2 AA-Battery Handles
  • Soft case

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