Welch Allyn MacIntosh Standard Blades

Laryngoscope Blades With Standard Lighting
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Cascade HealthCare Products carries a variety of MacIntosh Standard Blades by Welch Allyn. The MacIntosh blade is the most popular of the all-curved laryngoscope blade styles with a design that incorporates a gentle, continuous curve from the tip to the proximal end. The curve is compressed into the vallecula and the blade lifted, indirectly raising the epiglottis. Welch Allyn modified the MacIntosh blades by reducing proximal blade height. This results in a lower profile that assists in intubating patients with limited oral access.

We also carry Welch Allyn Standard Handles and full Welch Allyn Laryngoscope Sets in our Resuscitation section. Click here to see our complete selection.

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Welch Allyn MacIntosh Standard Blades 1 - Infant
1 - Infant
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