Oxygen Cylinders Aluminum - Western Medica

C, D, E& M60 Lightweight Oxygen Tanks With Dual Control Valve CGA-870

Cascade HealthCare Products carries Aluminum Oxygen Cylinders by Western Medica. These lightweight aluminum cylinders FEATURE  dual control valve CGA-870.

*All Oxygen Cylinders are Shipped Empty*


  • Aluminum cylinders are 40% lighter than steel
  • Cylinders are cleaned for medical oxygen service
  • Safety paint protects cylinder sidewall and provides heat detection
  • Cylinder finish is easy to clean and maintain
  • Straight thread design minimizes thread damage and provides positive seal
  • Available in sizes: M60, C, D and E tanks
  • One year parts and labor warranty


We also carry an extensive selection of Resuscitation equipment and supplies that can be purchased separately, from Oxygen Masks and Resuscitators to Laryngoscopes. Just click here to see the complete Resuscitation section!

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Product Choices
Oxygen Cylinders Aluminum - Western Medica, C Size
C Size, 246 Liter Capacity
SKU: 3295
Manufacturer part number: PX 8701 1
excluding shipping
Oxygen Cylinders Aluminum - Western Medica, D Size
D Size, 424 Liter Capacity
SKU: 8407
Manufacturer part number: PX 8702 1T
excluding shipping
Oxygen Cylinders Aluminum - Western Medica, E Size
E Size, 679 Liter Capacity
SKU: 7557
Manufacturer part number: PX 8703 1
excluding shipping
Oxygen Cylinders Aluminum - Western Medica, M60 Size
M60 Size, 1698 Liter Capacity
SKU: 9694
Manufacturer part number: PX 5405 1
excluding shipping