What Mommy Does Baby Does Display

Powerful Presentation on How Alcohol, Drub & Tobacco Use by Pregnant Wome
Impacts the Developing Fetus
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The Childbirth Graphics What Mommy Does, Baby Does Display is  interactive display that  provides a powerful visual of how alcohol, drug, and tobacco use by pregnant women can cause devastating consequences for the babies growing inside them. The display features a pregnant mom with a fetus in a plastic uterus. Viewers watch as liquids representing alcohol, tobacco, or drugs are placed in the mother's mouth and then they watch as those dangerous substances go through the mother's body and pollute the environment in which the fetus is living. Comes with activity guide that explains how to use the display for a demonstration that will have a lasting impact on viewers and provides information about the importance of avoiding these substances during pregnancy. Meaures 12" x 24" x 5"