Kick It Biotic Kids Tincture - WishGarden

Herbal Relief for Existing Colds
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Cascade HealthCare Products carries WishGarden Herbs' Kick It Biotics for Kids Tincture, a powerful combination of herbs that helps support children's immune systems. This is great for kids when they are in high-germ environments, such as school and indoor play. We know kids get sick a lot, so make sure you're prepared with Kick It Biotics on hand to kick any colds when they occur!

Active Ingredients: Usnea lichen, Bee Propolis, Myrrh gum, Calendula flower, Boneset aerials, Echinacea Purpurea root, Cinnamon bark   

Other Ingredients: Organic gluten-free alcohol, vegetable glycerine & Rocky Mountain artesian spring water