With Child Spiral Bound Charts

Illustrated, Award-Winning Childbirth Education Program
Covers More Than 100 Childbearing Topices
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The Childbirth Graphics With Child Large Spiral-Bound Charts are an illustrated, comprehensive, award-winning childbirth education program that covers more than 100 childbearing topics. This effective learning tool stimulates class discussion and provides an overview of the essential issues that surround each topic, while emphasizing that a healthy pregnancy begins by making conscious lifestyle choices before pregnancy. Meausres 21 1/2" x 17' with 24 pages.

Featured Topics

  • Choosing a caregiver, a place of birth, and the type of birth
  • Deciding on personal birth options
  • Understanding informed consent
  • Family medical history
  • Causes of and treatment for infertility
  • HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, fetal alcohol syndrome, smoking, and other hazards
  • Labor and birth
  • Breastfeeding